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Prints of Jacob Wrestling With God

Archival Prints of Jacob Wrestling With God Are Available for Sale!


We have produced two limited editions, one large and one small, reproducing the oil painting I made of Jacob Wrestling with God.  These reproductions were painstakingly digitally edited and then individually printed by my good friend Mike Schultz in his Portland, Oregon studio.  The image is printed on a satisfyingly thick Epson hot press bright white paper using Epson inks.  The colors are vivid, rich and archival.  Each print is personally signed and numbered.

As stated above, we’ve made two sizes of prints.  There is a listing is for the larger of the two, which is 17″ x 20″, and a listing for the smaller, which is 8 1/2″ by 10″.

The original painting of Jacob was made in 2012.  I have continued to be amazed and humbled by the impact the painting has had on people.  I often receive heartfelt messages from individuals expressing to me how the painting has helped them through a difficult season, or has helped to illustrate challenging and meaningful theology.  The image has found its way onto album covers, book covers, and countless church bulletins.

As a result, many have expressed a desire to have a reproduction of the painting available for sale.  This is the first time I have attempted to produce and sell reproductions of any of my paintings.  I hope that the final product is a blessing to you.

Jacob Giclee - 1Jacob Giclee - 2Jacob Giclee - 5Jacob Giclee - 8Jacob Giclee - 6Jacob Giclee - 4Jacob Giclee - 7

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Thor Heyerdahl and the Flying Fish

There is a wonderful moment, among many, in Thor Heyerdahl’s dramatic account of his and his countrymen’s raft voyage across the Pacific Ocean in the balsa log raft, “Kon-Tiki”. He describes the unexpected and slightly perilous provision of flying fish that came leaping over their vessel during the nights. The flying fish, many of which landed on the raft, or smacked the men in the face, answered some of the questions about how Polynesian settlers might have made and survived the voyage from South America to the Polynesian Islands. It reminded me of the mana and quail for the Israelites in the desert. The flying fish has since become part of my vernacular, symbolizing God’s miraculous provision.  Both of these prints, a 2015 copper engraving and a linocut from 2005 are available for sale in the shop with free shipping for a limited time.

Provision, copper engraving, 2015

Go On, Thor Heyerdahl, linocut, 2005